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Launch of the London Tobacco Alliance

  • Wednesday, 26th October

Almost a million Londoners smoke and tobacco is still killing one in two of its users in the UK. The London Tobacco Alliance has been created to combat the effects of this life-threatening addiction and achieve reduced smoking rates across London. Launching on the 26th October, this collaborative first of a kind for London includes partners and stakeholders with an interest in making London smokefree.

Key members include local authorities the GLA, OHID, the NHS, academics, community, voluntary and charity sector organisations, among others, all working together to accelerate efforts to eliminate smoking in London.

Through the LTA, all partners will combine efforts to prioritise the health and wellbeing of Londoners and ensure children born today will not be tempted to ever start smoking. The launch will be an opportunity for partners to come together for the first time as an alliance to focus on what remains to be done and ensure that tobacco remains a high priority on the agenda for London.

Speakers include:

  • Kevin Fenton – Regional Director for London Office for Health Improvement and Disparities
  • Dr Somen Banerjee – Co-Chair and Smoking Cessation Lead, London Association of Directors of Public Health
  • Hazel Cheeseman – Deputy Chief Executive, Action on Smoking and Health (ASH)
  • Chris Streather – Medical Director NHS England (London)

Panel discussions include:

  • The role of London’s Partners in the London Tobacco Alliance in making London Smoke Free
  • Adding Value: the Work of the London Tobacco Alliance
  • How Should Regional Tobacco Networks Function?

Questions that will be addressed during the event:

  • Smoking rates – why is smoking still an issue for Londoners? What are the smoking rates amongst different groups of Londoners?
  • Why is addressing smoking rates important for reducing health inequalities?
  • How is this linked to the current cost of living crisis?
  • What are the main impacts of smoking on the physical and mental health of smokers?
  • Which groups is the NHS is targeting for specific help?
  • How can the LTA help to facilitate collaboration across sectors?
  • Why does London need a Tobacco Alliance?
  • How will a Tobacco Alliance help to address smoking rates in London?
  • What will the London Tobacco Alliance deliver?

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