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Smokers could be helped to quit with messages in cigarette packs

London Tobacco Alliance and Stop Smoking London response to the government's tobacco pack insert consultation

The London Tobacco Alliance and our delivery arm, Stop Smoking London have responded to a consultation by government on mandating quit information messages inside tobacco packs.

The consultation which launched today will run until 10 October:

Submit your response to the consultation.

Our response to the proposal

Tracy Parr, Programme Director for the London Tobacco Alliance and Stop Smoking London, has responded to the proposal for cigarette pack inserts as government consultation opens today:

“The London Tobacco Alliance and Stop Smoking London fully support proposals which include supportive quit messages inside every cigarette and tobacco pack, along with details of where to get help and support to quit.

“We know that smokers who get help from local services and combine this with nicotine replacement therapy are three times as likely to quit successfully. This initiative holds the potential to transform the quitting journey for smokers by offering immediate access to guidance and encouragement at the pivotal moment of reaching for a cigarette.

“Smoking continues to be the most preventable cause of illness and early death in the UK, and is a critical factor in cancer and numerous other life-limiting health complications. Each year, nearly 450,000 hospital admissions, constituting around 4% of all admissions, are attributed to tobacco-related harms. The financial implications are staggering, with an estimated £21 billion in costs borne by taxpayers annually, including over £2 billion impacting the NHS.

“Many smokers are already aware that addiction masks serious risks. The government has a duty to consistently advocate for quitting but also to provide avenues to support quit attempts wherever possible.

“The insertion of quit messages within packs is a move in the right direction but must also be combined with advice on where to go for help and support to quit.

“In addition, we are supportive of the development of a robust national tobacco plan to pave the way to Smokefree 2030 and beyond.”

Consultation runs 14 August to 10 October

The consultation opens on 14 August, offering a platform for dialogue on the introduction and design of pack inserts. These inserts have already been shown to be affective in other countries, including Canada and Israel. Notably, an evaluation in Canada found that nearly one in three smokers had engaged with the inserts within the past month. Exposure to the inserts significantly heightened the likelihood of smokers attempting to quit.

Tracy Parr went on to say: “In conclusion, the London Tobacco Alliance and Stop Smoking London, which provides access to digital tools, face-to-face local services and a telephone stop smoking programme for Londoners, are united in support of this initiative. We envision a future where every cigarette pack becomes a catalyst for change, offering hope and guidance to those striving to break free from the chains of tobacco addiction.”

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