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Vaping prevalence in London

Nicotine vapes are used by millions of people in the UK - overwhelmingly used by ex-smokers and current smokers.

  • The proportion of the adult population using vapes/nicotine vapes has increased this year to 8.3%, the highest rate ever, amounting to 4.3 million people in Great Britain
  • Most current vapers are ex-smokers (57%). The proportion peaked in 2021 at 64%
  • Only 1.3% of never smokers are current vapers, amounting to 8.1% of vapers
  • The proportion of adult smokers who have never tried nicotine vapes is continuing to decline slowly, down to 28% in 2022. The proportion of smokers who are current vapers has increased from 2021 (17%) to 2022 (22%)

People use nicotine vapes for a variety of reasons. The vast majority for health reasons, to help them quit, prevent relapse or cut down the amount they smoke. Vapers also report using nicotine vapes to save money compared to smoking, to protect others from second-hand smoke and because it gives them pleasure.

Source: Action on Smoking and Health (ASH)

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